If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. Tullius Cicero

do you like…..?

今日は”this” と “that”の違いを練習しました。先生が説明している果物がわかった人が、自分の前にあれば”this”、別の人の前にあれば“that”を使います。正確した子はその果物をもらうことができます。一番果物をたくさん集めた子が勝ちです。今日の新しい単語は、警察署、郵便局、スーパーなどの建物の名前でした。先週の復習は食べ物の味です。“do you like…..? の質問に対してYes, Noだけでなく“No, it’s  spicy, sour, bitter, sweet などを食べ物によって言いわけます。今日はさらに、“yes its cold”, “yes its hot”, “yes its saltyなども追加しました。教室に通いだして2か月の女の子もちゃんとできました!!みんなすごい♪  

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Many hands make light work

I received helping hands today by a surprise troop of family helpers. We achieved noticeably more than if it it were just me working alone (of course). Still a bit more structural … Continue reading

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A companion plant for the front hedge

I wanted a hardy shrub to plant underneath the front hedge that would ideally be nitrogen fixing (takes nitrogen from the air and adds it to the soil via its … Continue reading

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A Thrifty Greenhouse

A Thrifty Greenhouse

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Sweet Potato Leverage

Once these new shoots get to around 30cm long I’ll snip them, remove the lower leaves and place them in water to encourage new roots. These will become what are … Continue reading

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My kinda Sunday

Yesterday I spent the day planting germinated seeds into seedling trays. My daughter helped me and my wife made us all lunch. It really is my favourite way to spend … Continue reading

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Spring bounty

Well not quite a bounty. But I’m pleaseed to see that the strawbarries somehow managed to pollinate themselves. Inside a plastic bubble and with no bees yet this season, its … Continue reading

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Jellyfish of dreams

Structurally the garden is far from complete. I have to rationalise ground levels, build some decking, retaining walls and boundary fencing and I’m hesitant to post a photo of what … Continue reading

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What tree?

Can you guess? Its an apricot.   I’m glad to have taken the opportunity this winter to plant an apricot. Apart from the fruit that I hope will be abundant, the … Continue reading

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Farmers to be rich

farmers to be rich One of the reasons I’m enthusiastic about growing my own vegetables is because I learned first hand that farmers here in Japan are poor. Or at … Continue reading

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